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Car Air Ionic Purifier with 12V Cigarette Lighter Plug (Gold)

  • £17.99

  • Removes dust, odours and smoke, refreshing the air with negative ions that destroy odor-causing particles instead of adding smells like traditional car resheners.
  • Can help neutralise mold, bacteria and viruses, helping you and your passengers breathe easier. * Portable and compact, plugs directly into the 12v cigarette outlet.
  • Full money back guarantee and 1 year warrantee.

To start using your ionic air purifier straight away, simply plug it into the car cigarette lighter outlet. The device will work continuously whilst the device’s indicator light is on.

Unlike many traditional air fresheners for cars that mask smells by releasing perfume and chemicals, the ionic air purifier releases negative ions to destroy pollutants such as bacteria and odour-causing particles in order to freshen the air you breathe, making the air environment inside your car more pleasant, which may also help people with breathing issues.

You can test your air purifier by filling a see-through plastic bottle with smoke and turning on the device. You should start to see the smoke dispel after a few seconds.

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